New YOU Transformation Retreat

End of the Year 4 - day all-inclusive retreat in the Biggest Little City in the World

Reno, NV, December 9 - December 12, 2021



Ready to create the foundation of health, get more love in your life, transform your image to look and feel your best and meet the New YOU in a New Year?

The New You Transformation Retreat will bring you actual health for the body and mind while creating the transformation from the inside to the outside. You will have an opportunity to jumpstart your health, transform your mindset, relationships, and uncover your unique personal style.

By the end of the retreat, you will create your long-term health and wellness vision while feeling and looking your best.

Embrace each day with confidence in knowing how to care for yourself. Feel powerful to be the new YOU in the New Year.


We have the answers that will catapult your health, relationships, self-esteem, and happiness to levels that you never thought were possible.

The Experience

Angelina Kardash will share her secrets on how to achieve and sustain optimal weight without dieting, how to look 10 years younger, and live a vibrant life without chronic symptoms and inflammation.

Over four days, you will have an opportunity to explore the tools, insights, and inner work so you can integrate holistic wellness into your daily life.

Angelina, the visionary behind this retreat, will lead you to the path to optimal health you've always wanted! Come with an open mind and learn a broad spectrum of evidence-based strategies to become the healthiest you.

Roll your sleeves in the kitchen and learn with Angelina how to make delicious organic and simple plant-based meals that stimulate and support the human body's self-healing ability.


Experience the feeling of every cell in your body dancing with joy as they receive high concentrations of every nutrient through the most hyper nourishment foods on Earth.


Our Plant-Based Culinary Chef Alyona will be making extraordinarily delicious and most nutrient-dense meals. Imagine the food restoring vitality, strengthening your immune system, gaining energy, and tasting great.


Fill the body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive with our signature alkaline elixirs. They will cleanse and detoxify your system while boosting overall immunity and restoring PH balance in the body.

green smoothies.png

Practice Detox Yoga with our yoga master Jennifer Wallis. 

It's a compelling synthesis of Pranayama breath work, restorative postures, meditation, and detox-supporting asanas. These gentle yet powerful yogic practices synthesize to fully support the detoxification process. Detox Yoga classes will encourage optimization of the lymphatic system, increase oxygen absorption, gently massage the internal organs and promote deep muscular and cerebral relaxation.


Love Coach Jason Elkins will join us remotely to share his expert advice and help  you transform your relationships with your loved ones.


You'll come away with a better understanding of the most common mistakes people make. You will be equipped with specific actions you can take to create deeper connections, less fighting, and better intimacy.



Explore beautiful Lake Tahoe in a half-day trip tour. Your tour guide will take you on a hike with spectacular views of North Lake Tahoe. 



Relax and soak your worries away in the historic Carson Hot Springs Resort, doting the 2-nd purest water in the World where natural mineral water flows out of the ground at 121° F.


Experience the purest detoxification where no chemical or city water is added to the pools. Enjoy your many elixirs poolside connecting with new friends.

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On the retreat's last day, you will experience the total image makeover with our Fashion Styling Expert Olia Kedik and a complimentary photo shoot with Angelina Kardash.


Transform yourself and uncover your individual style with extraordinary Olia. She will teach you the necessary tools to build your personal image. She will challenge you to experiment with fashion and accessories to elevate your looks and unleash your unique style. You will learn the do's and don'ts of camera posing and get introduced to current trends that are not intimidating and easy to incorporate. This is your chance to get styled by Olia for a complimentary photo session with Angelina and walk away with images that let your personality shine through and the confidence to go with it.

You will have an opportunity to preview and shop onsite Olia's highly curated selection of one-of-a-kind items from her platform. She features global emerging designers, vintage finds and celebrates individuality and creativity.

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olga 3.jpg

We are bringing you a team of experts to create an extraordinary experience to transform YOU from inside and outside.

Join Angelina Kardash, Olia Kedik, Jason Elkins, Alyona Linfante, and Jennifer Wallis in the Biggest Little City in the World for a life makeover adventure!

angelina sitting.jpg

Angelina Kardash – Founder of 5 Senses Optimal Health

Health and Life Transformation Coach | Educator & Speaker


As a former IT executive with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Angelina spent a lot of time feeling tremendous stress, fatigue, and burnout. It all caused her to get an autoimmune disease.

Her personal experience drove her passion for exploring various lifestyle practices that impact human health. She wanted to understand why simple lifestyle changes healed her body, and her mission is to teach you how to do the same in your life.

It was difficult at the time to undo and reverse so many habits and methods of thinking. Still, it was all worth it as it finally led Angelina to understand her true passion and second career of today. She helps driven individuals elevate their health and wellness through life transformation coaching and mindset training.

Over two years, she studied Hippocrates Lifestyle Plant-Based Nutrition and APPLIED Lifestyle Medicine.

She's helped 100+ people find and maintain optimal health through a proven signature coaching program. She wants you to enjoy a guaranteed breakthrough in your health and energy levels without strict dieting and medication by upgrading your lifestyle one step at a time.

Olia Kedik – Founder at OliaModa

Personal Stylist | Journalist | Fashion Blogger | Educator


Olia is a true fashionista with years of globe-trotting, big city living, and cultural influences - all part of her own style evolution and unique character building. Her expertise in image-making, personal styling, and digital content creation has landed her collaborations with major brands. She is trusted by 100s of women on the search for their unique You. Her passion for fashion has evolved from blogging and styling to teaching at the Fashion journalism department. Continues into the curation of astonishing finds that she makes available on the newly founded fashion platform Oliamoda. There she challenges your boundaries, helps uncover your personal style, builds a strong image, and shop statement items by emerging designers from developing markets. Her efforts and expertise have been recognized by the World Blogger Awards 2020 and landed front-row appearances at major fashion events. The key to looking great isn't following all of the latest fashion trends. It's staying true to your personal style. And Olia is here to help you find it.

Jason Elkins – Founder at Ladies Love Coach

Relationship Coach | Educator

Love Coach Jason Elkins is a relationship and dating expert. He is on a mission to support as many women as possible to create their epic love relationship, whether that's with someone they already love or someone they have yet to meet. He studied relationship psychology for several years.

This new World inspired him to learn even more about what's necessary to create a deep, loving, sustainable relationship. He is committed to supporting his clients as they start their exciting relationship visions for the future and develop strategies to make these visions a reality now. He brings his life experience, technical knowledge, a loving heart, and a man's perspective to his clients. He is just as committed to their vision as they are.

Alyona Linfante – Execute Assistant at 5 Senses Optimal Health

Culinary Chef | Blogger | Health Enthusiast

Despite her first career in accounting, Alyona became a culinary chef interested in Plant-Based nutrition and cooking. With her diploma in confectionery Arts, she is dedicated to creating food art when cooking. Her motto is that all food should be art for a healing experience.

As a chef, she finds the whole plant-based food so vibrant and colorful, you can't cheat with ingredients. It requires a lot of innovative techniques, especially when it comes to creating new living recipes.

She puts her heart into creating the most beautiful and healthy meals.

Jennifer Wallis – Founder of Sparkle Yoga

Yoga Teacher | Life Coach

When her life seemed impossible to change, and she felt stuck, Jennifer found a way to appreciate herself and deepen self-love by founding yoga. Since then, she's become a dedicated yogi and a yoga instructor.

Jennifer loves how yoga focuses on the mind and body connection, providing discipline for the breath, body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga both on and off the mat gives her a sense of peace and tranquility. She also teaches her students to activate natural body detox pathways through specific asanas.

She helps her students to activate self-love, self-awareness, and the mind-body connection to become the best version of themself.

The future is yours to transform.

As our guest, you'll stay at our luxury retreat house overlooking beautiful Reno for 4 days of transformation.

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Black FRIDAY Pricing


Tier 1


  • 4 nights in King luxury master bedroom, single occupancy, per person

  • All meals

  • All activities

  • 1 Optimized Your Health 1:1 session with Angelina Kardash post retreat

  • Healthy habits tracker

  • 3 digital edited images from your styling photoshoot


Tier 2


  • 4 nights in King/Queen bedroom, single occupancy, per person

  • All meals

  • All activities

  • 1 Optimized Your Health 1:1 session with Angelina Kardash session post retreat

  • Healthy habits tracker

  • 1 digital edited image from your styling photoshoot


Tier 3


  • 4 nights in two singles bedroom, double occupancy, per person

  • All meals

  • All activities

  • 1 Optimized Your Health 1:1 session with Angelina Kardashhealth session post retreat

  • Healthy habits tracker

Add On

10 Digital edited images from your styling photoshoot



Physical photobook with 10 pictures from your styling photoshoot mailed to you after the retreat



HURRY UP. Space is limited to 5 people only.


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