Hi, I am Angelina.














Some call me a health and life transformation coach.

But really, I’m just a girl with big dreams and a passion for helping others to become a better version of themselves.

As a former IT executive with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, I spent a lot of time feeling tremendous stress, fatigue, and burnout which caused me to get an autoimmune disease. 


My personal experience drove my passion to explore various lifestyle practices that impact human health. I wanted to understand why simple lifestyle changes healed my body and my mission is to teach you how to do the same in your life.


It was difficult at the time to undo and reverse so many habits and methods of thinking but it was all worth it because it finally led me to understand my true passion and second career of today where I help driven individuals to become productive, efficient, and profitable by elevating their health through life transformation coaching and mindset training.


I’ve helped 100+ people find and maintain optimal health through a proven coaching program. I want you to enjoy a guaranteed breakthrough in your health and energy levels without strict dieting and medication by upgrading your lifestyle one step at a time. 


My program takes you through:

  • Creating a health and wellness blueprint that works for you 

  • Understanding how epigenetics plays a role in your DNA

  • The anti-inflammatory way of living

  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual healing

  • Detox and elimination

  • Liquid nourishment to activate your body’s natural healing abilities

  • Hypocrites way of living for optimum health

  • Exercise immunology for achieving your fitness goals


Along the way, I provide expert coaching, mindset training, kind and loving support, and compassionate accountability so everything feels sustainable. 


Together we can reinvent your life — getting what you really want with your health and every other aspect of your life.